Strip Outs

Woodeson Demolitions will strip back your building to its original shell.

We will assist in the remodelling of floor plans and are highly experienced in the stopping of  un-wanted structures and materials,  including hazardous materials such as asbestos,  suspended slabs,  stairwells and steel beams.  

Our Services include:
Asbestos removal,  back to base interior strip outs,  concrete cutting,  full and partial bathroom strip outs,  hazardous material removal,  residential strip outs,  structural demolition of all concrete,  brick and block structure,  structural propping,  suspended concrete slab penetrations and wall penetrations.



Our  experience is used to select the precise equipment, materials and methods required for effective execution of each individual project.

We own a fleet of specialist plant and equipment to meet you needs,  including excavators,  skid steers,  hydraulic hammers and attachments. 

We have all the equipment required for all demolition services.

We perform a variety of steps before undertaking any demolition services.  

We complete an asbestos investigation,  identify hazardous materials,  obtain permits,  disconnect utilities and develop an onsite work plan for efficiency.

Woodeson Demolitions has the precision required to bring a building back to the shell.

Creating a blank canvas for your creativity.  We can assist with strip outs in occupied premises such as schools,  homes,  residential high-rises and so much more!

Our experienced personnel work closely with site foreman,  engineers,  supervisors and safety officers to deliver projects in a timely manner.